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Reiki & Intuitive Healing

Rebecca Ahern is a Reiki Master,  and Intuitive. As a child Rebecca knew that she was Empath without knowing there was a word to describe her experiences. She could feel the weight of the world and took it for her own. When she learned about energy, grounding, protecting and manifesting positivity her life drastically changed. Her healing sessions use energy techniques including Reiki, balancing chakras, crystal work, and helping clients release energy blocks assisting to their highest good. She works with love and light, communicating with Spirit Guides, the Higher-self, Angels, Ascended Masters and Ancestors. Rebecca acts as a channel for the healing, a conduit, a hollow bone in which the energy flows through. 

About Reiki

Reiki in Japanese means “life energy.” The practice of Reiki is the utilization and direction of this energy. It fits within the broader categories of holistic/alternative therapy, energy medicine, bodywork, energy work, and light work. Reiki is not a religion; it is an ancient formation of balance and wellness. For many Reiki is the start of an inexplainable and astonishing healing journey.

Scientific evidence for Reiki’s effectiveness is growing. It has been confirmed in a number of studies that Reiki and other energy healers produce an electromagnetic field, heat, and light emanation from their hands when doing healings. All living beings produce an electromagnetic field from the brain, heart, and other areas of the body. Energy healers are able to generate a more steady and poignant field. It has been shown in studies that energy, whether from a healer or from an electronic device, stimulates bodily processes of repair and regeneration.


The Reiki Master is a channel for the healing, a conduit, a hollow bone in which the energy flows through. Reiki Masters are trained to create a space where you can feel at ease to receive the inflow of the energy, so that your natural healing structures are configured and recharged. The Reiki Master does not cure you. A combination of the energy and your own body cures you. The healing energy of the universe in your own body heals you. 

During a session your intentions, needs, questions, desires, and curiosities are channeled into the Reiki Master when permission is granted. Through this connection know that whatever is of the highest good will occur and will happen exactly as needed. Your body will be, quite literally, filled with light. This light is Reiki, life energy manifests as light energy, which is the basic building block of all matter. Matter is simply light energy that has slowed and condensed. A brief review of the current literature on quantum physics will corroborate that you, all that you are, is made of light energy. A Reiki session is simply helping you acknowledge your higher healing self. 

People look to Reiki for many different reasons. Some seek stress relief, physical healing, or development in their intuitive skills. Some seek spiritual guidance, relationship counseling, resolution of trauma, life direction or creative inspiration. And, some seek Reiki out of a deep curiosity to simply experience something new, something seemingly out of the norm. Many who’ve explored meditation, acupuncture, yoga, or plant medicines hear of Reiki and feel intuitively guided to seek out a local practitioner. 

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